Discipleship Survey for Thomas Risley Church

Over the last half of 2013 the church leadership felt that God was calling us all to a more intentional discipleship. Just imagine how good it would be if we all grew as disciples in 2014. We have had discussions over how this should take place and have decided that as part of the process we should invite everyone to fill out the survey overleaf and then we can design what we offer as a church, based upon the Lord’s leading and these responses. Please fill it in, you may want to just keep it and look at it through the year and this time next year, if so please do that. However, it would really help us if you handed it in so that we got a better awareness of people’s needs and aspirations, so that we can help people achieve growth. You can return it anonymously or preferably identified so that we can respond more specifically. Please reply by February 2nd to Sally or Andrew in confidence. You can use the online form, return them to us in person or in an envelope to the Manse, through the church letter box, the ministers’ pigeon hole or by email. God bless, Rev Sally and Andrew Willett revwillett@gmail.com 01925 487851 To use the on line survey, click here  To download a copy to print out, please click here