PARTY IN THE CAR PARK MAD HATTER HAT COMPETITION RULES 1/ Any age range may enter a hat. 2/ No professional milliners may enter! 3/ Hats should be brought to the judging table outside Thomas Risley Church on Saturday 17th June by 2.30pm. 4/ Judging will take place at 3:00pm 5/ Judges will be looking at creativity, humour and clever use of materials.   The judges decision is final.


  MAD HATTER CAKE BAKING CONTEST   RULES   Cake can be made in any form (i.e. sheet, 2 layer pan, etc.). No professional baking or decorating allowed. Cake cannot be a store bought cake. No Fresh cream All Cakes will be judged on presentation, taste and texture. Cake is to be prepared at your residence and taken to Thomas Risley Church on Saturday 17th June. Cake must be registered at the display area no later than 2pm on Saturday 17th June. All entries must include: The bakers name and contact details.  The recipe with the list of ingredients .   Judging will take place at 2:30 pm. The Judges will look at presentation, decoration and taste. After the competition, all Cakes will be cut up and be for sale at the cake stall.   The judges’ decision is final     

Party in the Car Park

  Everyone is welcome to come to our “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” in the car park outside Thomas Risley Church on Saturday 17th June 2017. As in previous years, we will be using the token system. Most games and activities and food and drink items will cost 1 token. Tokens will be available at a cost of 20p per token. There will be lots of entertainment on the day and a chance to interact with lots of local groups at their stalls so we hope you will come along and join in the fun.   There will also be some members of the church identified with “Welcome” sashes who would be only to pleased to talk with you, answer any questions about the church or our beliefs, take away your prayer requests or to pray with you on the day.   The rules for the cake competition can be found here :-   MAD HATTER CAKE BAKING CONTEST RULES The rules for the Mad Hatters Hat competition can be found here :- MAD HATTER HAT COMPETITION  

Christmas Services

You are Invited! Please come to our Christmas celebrations. December 21st 10.35am   Children’s Nativity Service 6pm Carols by Candlelight 24th 5pm Christingle Service – Christingle is a service involving decorated oranges with candles which is amazing for Children from 1 to 93 (and above). Come and find out what it all means. 6.15pm Carols outside the church 25th 10am Christmas day celebration.