Big Day Out 2015

      A date for your diary: North Western Synod and Mersey Synod BIG DAY OUT 2015 18th July 2015 10.00am–5.00pm Southport Convention Centre Even bigger and even more fun than before, North Western Synod is joining with Mersey Synod to bring you the Next BIG DAY OUT. BIG worship National speakers Family activities Games and sports Stalls and displays Quizzes Bible Study Entertainment Book now and save ££££££s! Early bookings £7 per adult (will be £10)     Find it on Facebook:- or Twitter :-     Detailed information about the event is listed below   Churches/individuals are invited to bring a decorated shoe box in order to build a wall/structure which would link the churches across the synods together. A brick by itself is not very strong, or much use, but, when put together they can become something much bigger. The Big Day Out is one way our synods are building our relationships with each other. Please ensure your shoe box is clearly marked so that can be collected at the end of the event. Worship (10.00 – 11.00) Theatre What an inspiring way to start and end the Big Day Out – worshipping among the multitude! The day will begin with the Blackburn People’s Choir… Blackburn People’s Choir In early 1998 half a dozen people attended a series of Bulgarian folk song workshops in Blackburn Museum, and had severe withdrawal symptoms at the end of the six week session. They embarked on a search for funding to start a choir that could continue to explore unaccompanied harmony singing. Now in 2015 regular singers number over 100. The choir maintains an open door, offering the opportunity for anyone to try out a cappella choral singing, without stress, without an audition, and with a guaranteed warm welcome and lots of fun. Songs are from all over the world – African, folk, gospel, pop, lullabies, classical and brand new. The choir has sung on visits to Northern Cyprus, Munich and the Krokstrand Man Must Dance Festival in Sweden. They won trophies at the Isle of Man Festival of Choirs in 2011 and 2013. Session 1 (11.00 – 12.00) Michael Jagessar – Theatre Radical Sidewalk: Funding the Imagination There is no ‘they’ or ‘them’ in the Jesus way! Yet, in spite of all our good intentions we find ourselves stuck to polarising pronouns (‘them’ and ‘us’; ‘they’ and ‘we’). To break-out, find new language, and discover new habits we need to fund and feed the imagination with a different menu. Come let us explore together exciting ways to fund the imagination to trash exclusion. Bollywood – Floral Hall The Bolton Interfaith Young Ambassadors – (BIYA) are a group of young girls from various faiths working together on a project which can only be described as “outside the box” thinking to make them more worldly. This in turn will help them to be good citizens and leaders for the future. It is without doubt an excellent project with a good future ahead. Fresh Expressions – Waterfront 1…

Minibus no longer available

Thomas Risley Church has decided to pass on the minibus to another organisation as it’s  age meant that it was becoming too much of a liability. Unfortunately therefore, it’s now no longer available for hire / use. The minibus has been a fantastic resource for our church and our community, thanks to everyone who’s used it, looked after it and especially to Sue Harrison,  Derek Tabor and Andy Shelley for all their hard work.

Christmas Services

You are Invited! Please come to our Christmas celebrations. December 21st 10.35am   Children’s Nativity Service 6pm Carols by Candlelight 24th 5pm Christingle Service – Christingle is a service involving decorated oranges with candles which is amazing for Children from 1 to 93 (and above). Come and find out what it all means. 6.15pm Carols outside the church 25th 10am Christmas day celebration.

Discipleship Survey for Thomas Risley Church

Over the last half of 2013 the church leadership felt that God was calling us all to a more intentional discipleship. Just imagine how good it would be if we all grew as disciples in 2014. We have had discussions over how this should take place and have decided that as part of the process we should invite everyone to fill out the survey overleaf and then we can design what we offer as a church, based upon the Lord’s leading and these responses. Please fill it in, you may want to just keep it and look at it through the year and this time next year, if so please do that. However, it would really help us if you handed it in so that we got a better awareness of people’s needs and aspirations, so that we can help people achieve growth. You can return it anonymously or preferably identified so that we can respond more specifically. Please reply by February 2nd to Sally or Andrew in confidence. You can use the online form, return them to us in person or in an envelope to the Manse, through the church letter box, the ministers’ pigeon hole or by email. God bless, Rev Sally and Andrew Willett 01925 487851 To use the on line survey, click here  To download a copy to print out, please click here  


Every year we vist half the homes in Locking Stumps, to ask the residents if there is any person or situation they would like us to say a prayer for at the following Sunday service. We get a lot of great feedback about this Our visits run between April and September, when the evenings are lighter, we post a letter to each house a few days before we visit to let them know we will be coming and to assure that we are not seeking donations or money of any kind. If you recieve a letter and don’t want prayer, please simply let us know when we knock and we will move on to the next house. If you would like prayer at any other time, or if you prayer request is more urgent, please Contact Us.  

Messy Church

Messy Church is about having time together to have fun, explore faith, worship God and share some food. Everyone is welcome at Messy Church (especially you and your family and friends). We strive to involve everyone and value everyone. It is called Messy Church because  we all lead messy lives (and you might get a bit Messy)!  People arrive and have a choice of craft and activities which feed into the theme which is followed by food and the celebration the celebration. Messy Church is especially designed to reach out to families including those for whom Sunday morning worship is difficult due to family circumstances. It is an all-age church where everyone is valued equally. It provides an informal environment for all-ages to explore and experience faith and worship through crafts, food and celebration. It describes each and every one of us as no one is perfect and each of us lead messy lives for many reasons. It invites us to come together, making things together, eating together and celebrating God together. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Come along and try it for yourself; you will be most welcome!  

Our History

In 1972 most of the Congregational Churches and all of the Presbyterian churches in England UNITED to form the URC.  In 1981 most of the churches of Christ joined.  The URC aims to be the catalyst for greater union. We trace our roots to the REFORMATION in Europe in the 16th century when Christians tried to get ‘back to basics’ in the faith.  The URC is part of the world wide REFORMED Church. We are one of the mainstream Christian CHURCHES sharing the same faith as the other Christians in following Jesus Christ, but our worship and organisation maybe different. This church tends to have a more informal evangelical worship.  Our organisation is democratic recognising the reality of the priesthood of all believers. Here is some history: Christianity spread after the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost.  It eventually came to Britain through missionaries.  The Medieval church grew strong, but tended to loose sight of the true faith. From 1548 there were secret meetings worshipping with the intense belief in the Bible as the living Word of God and the only authority for the church. Various independent Puritan groups were formed and their history is intermingled with the great events of the time.  Oliver Cromwell was an independent; the settlers on the Mayflower who went to America were Puritans. The non-conformists were a diverse group who kept few records, as they were illegal.  In the 16th century the Reformation greatly affected religious life and was fundamental to the origins of this church.The reformers reacted against the church of the time and wanted to start again, to re – form more closely to what they felt Christ would have wanted. 1662 was a decisive date, as a law was passed which many didn’t feel able to abide by. It was the ‘act of uniformity’ which called upon every clergyman and schoolmaster to conform to the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England.  Those who would not were non-conformists. In that year, the Act of Uniformity was passed; insisting that all clergy gave assent to and conformed to the (Anglican) Prayer Book. Amongst those ministers who found that they could not do this was a certain Fellow at Oxford called Thomas Risley, a man of deep conviction who joined the ranks of ‘the nonconformists’. He therefore had to leave his living and return to his estate in the country. For a while, all ‘Dissenters’ or ‘Non-conformists’ were persecuted and forbidden to preach. But a small group met in secret, often in the fields around Risley. Thomas devoted himself to visiting the sick, and ‘applied himself to the study of physic’ (medicine) – this practical, pastoral care becoming the basis of relationships that led to an ever-growing congregation. As Toleration increased, Richard Jackson’s barn was licensed, in Thomas Risley’s name as a ‘Chappell’ for the ‘dissenting interest’. Then in 1706 a permanent chapel was built on Cross lane – five miles from Warrington and five miles from Leigh (according the ruling of ‘The five mile act’).  This long,…