Big Day Out 2015





A date for your diary:

North Western Synod and Mersey Synod


18th July 2015 10.00am–5.00pm

Southport Convention Centre

Even bigger and even more fun than before, North Western Synod is joining with Mersey Synod to bring you the Next BIG DAY OUT.

BIG worship

National speakers

Family activities

Games and sports

Stalls and displays


Bible Study


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Churches/individuals are invited to bring a decorated shoe box in order to build a wall/structure which would link the churches across the synods together. A brick by itself is not very strong, or much use, but, when put together they can become something much bigger. The Big Day Out is one way our synods are building our relationships with each other. Please ensure your shoe box is clearly marked so that can be collected at the end of the event.

Worship (10.00 – 11.00) Theatre

What an inspiring way to start and end the Big Day Out – worshipping among the multitude! The day will begin with the Blackburn People’s Choir… Blackburn People’s Choir In early 1998 half a dozen people attended a series of Bulgarian folk song workshops in Blackburn Museum, and had severe withdrawal symptoms at the end of the six week session. They embarked on a search for funding to start a choir that could continue to explore unaccompanied harmony singing. Now in 2015 regular singers number over 100. The choir maintains an open door, offering the opportunity for anyone to try out a cappella choral singing, without stress, without an audition, and with a guaranteed warm welcome and lots of fun. Songs are from all over the world – African, folk, gospel, pop, lullabies, classical and brand new. The choir has sung on visits to Northern Cyprus, Munich and the Krokstrand Man Must Dance Festival in Sweden. They won trophies at the Isle of Man Festival of Choirs in 2011 and 2013.

Session 1 (11.00 – 12.00)

Michael Jagessar – Theatre

Radical Sidewalk: Funding the Imagination There is no ‘they’ or ‘them’ in the Jesus way! Yet, in spite of all our good intentions we find ourselves stuck to polarising pronouns (‘them’ and ‘us’; ‘they’ and ‘we’). To break-out, find new language, and discover new habits we need to fund and feed the imagination with a different menu. Come let us explore together exciting ways to fund the imagination to trash exclusion.

Bollywood – Floral Hall

The Bolton Interfaith Young Ambassadors – (BIYA) are a group of young girls from various faiths working together on a project which can only be described as “outside the box” thinking to make them more worldly. This in turn will help them to be good citizens and leaders for the future. It is without doubt an excellent project with a good future ahead.

Fresh Expressions – Waterfront 1

Many of our churches are starting to think about ‘starting something new’, whether it’s a mid-week service, or a totally new initiative outside of the building. There are two sessions about fresh expressions of church at this Big Day Out, see also session 4. This morning, join the discussion about why we need to think about new forms of church and how we might be able to connect with generations of people who have never even heard of Jesus. With video clips and time for conversation…you should go out bursting with new ideas.

Michael Harvey – Waterfront 2 Creating a Culture of Invitation

We like to think of our churches as welcoming. Michael Harvey, an expert on unlocking growth, asks, “How welcoming can we be if we don’t take our welcome outside with the gift of an invitation?” God sent his son to invite us all into a relationship, and so to be like God is to be a person who invites. Exploring the subjects of rejection and acceptance he examines where we have gone wrong. Reviewing best practice – ideas gleaned from trying to establish a culture of invitation – he considers what we might do to address the situation and put it right.

Puppet Workshop – Waterfront 3

Puppets, A Hand Up In Your Church This will be a hands on workshop learning some of the basic skills of puppetry using muppet style puppets. Do come along ready to laugh, giggle and have a great time as well as learning a new skill.

The Leisure Zone – Waterfront 4

Sung in the choir? Engaged in the Bible study? Listened to the speaker? Time to relax and have some mindless fun, then, right? The ‘Leisure Zone’ will be open throughout the Big Day with giant games, Bible crafts, parachute activities, and sofa sports competitions. No matter how old, or how young you are, the zone will let you pit your skills against, or co-operate with, other players.

Soul Care – Waterfront 5

Puppeteers will help members of the newly formed “Emmaus Road Prayer Community” share ways in which God helps us to care deeply for ourselves. This first session will include a presentation about a way of praying that helps us bring the ups and downs of everyday experience to God in prayer. Further sessions at lunchtime and session 2.

Lunch (12.00 – 13.00)

Rehearsal for Roger Jones Musical – Greater than Gold – Theatre

This is the story of how, in the 18th century, young Mary Jones walked 28 miles to own her own Bible. The musical will consist of narrative and songs only – no drama. This will be a one hour practice for those wishing to join in with that; or you can just join us for the performance.

Blackburn Community Choir – Floral Hall

See ‘opening worship’

‘Time for Action’ – Waterfront 1

Kairos Britain – a response to the Palestinian Kairos document. How should we as churches respond to this prophetic call for action from Palestinian Christians? It is time to seek a just and lasting peace in Palestine / Israel. Learn what it might mean to become a Kairos Community and break the silence about an occupation that denies freedom and equal rights.

The Revd John Proctor – Waterfront 3

‘God in the by-ways’ Our Bible sessions will look at a cameo from the Book of Acts – at Christian mission in Philippi in Acts 16. In this town the good news found a home in the lives of a varied and unexpected group of people. The gospel reached unlikely places, and gathered people whom many of their neighbours would overlook. So how is it for your church? Does God still work in ways you would not have expected? These sessions are for 45 minutes. John Proctor will speak from the front for much of that time. There will be pictures on a screen – something to look at as well as something to hear. There will also be time to think and talk with the people around you. By all means bring a Bible; but if you don’t, we’ll have the chapter printed to give out to you. This is repeated at Session 3.

The Leisure Zone – Waterfront 4

See session 1.

Soul Care – Waterfront 5

Puppeteers will help members of the newly formed “Emmaus Road Prayer Community” share ways in which God helps us to care deeply for ourselves. Members of the Prayer Community will share about their experience of prayer and of belonging to the new Prayer Community. See also sessions 1 and 2.

Session 2 (13.00 – 14.00)

Greater than Gold, Roger Jones Musical – Theatre

See Lunchtime session. We will be putting the song words on the screen for those who haven’t previously practiced the musical.

Bollywood – Floral Hall

The Bolton Interfaith Young Ambassadors – (BIYA) (See Session 1)

Michael Jagessar – Waterfront 1

‘Come out’: Grace-full God-talk Here is a daring invitation: only sinners are welcomed! Are you able to risk stepping out not knowing whether you would ‘land’ on something firm or be taught to fly? Come join the conversation and share stories of stepping out of fear and comfort zones into grace and generosity spaces. Let not your hearts be troubled. Come, for grace abounds in abundance!

Lawrence Moore – Waterfront 2

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6): Christian faith in a multi-faith context. Is Jesus the only way to God? Can we believe and preach that in a multifaith context without sounding like a militant Christian fundamentalist? Doesn’t this breed the sort of polarisation and “them and us” mentality that is – and has been – so destructive of multi-cultural communities? We will be exploring these questions and more. For example: Is this a reference to “Christianity vs other religions”, or something about Christian faith? Is there a difference between “religion” and “faith”? Is Jesus the saviour of the world, or just of Christians? And what happens if we let go of any sense that Jesus is unique? Come and join the exploration and discussion!

Puppet Performance – Waterfront 3

The Stories of Jesus as you have never seen them This will be a performance based session showing puppets used to bring stories of Jesus alive in a very visual and exciting way. Hoping to encourage and excite you to what is possible in your church or ministry situation.

The Leisure Zone – Waterfront 4

See session 1.

Soul Care – Waterfront 5

Puppeteers will help members of the newly formed “Emmaus Road Prayer Community” share ways in which God helps us to care deeply for ourselves. This session will feature dialogue between a puppet and a person who gives spiritual direction, and a presentation/discussion about ways to experience God’s presence and guidance through the Bible. See also session 1 and lunchtime session.

Session 3 (14.10 – 15.10)

Steve Chalke – Theatre

Church at the heart of community The life and message of Christ is foundational to community transformation. As we strive to build healthy neighbourhoods around the UK, how can we seek to reimagine what it is to be Church, rediscovering a Christ-centred model that is holistic, inclusive, accessible, socially and politically engaged?” Flag

Worship – Waterfront 1

Using flags in worship Flags and banners are mentioned many times and in different ways in the Bible. Used with care, flags can add a different dimension to worship. They can be used symbolically or for the sheer joy of movement and using our whole body to worship God. The workshop is a practical one, it will give the opportunity to try out a variety of flag movements, we’ll practice some choreographed songs and try some do-it-yourself songs. This session is suitable for adults and accompanied children but will be limited to 20 people due to the space available.

Michael Harvey – Waterfront 2

Creating a Culture of Invitation See session 1.

The Revd John Proctor – Waterfront 3

See lunchtime session for details.

The Leisure Zone – Waterfront 4

See session 1.

Stop the Traffik – Waterfront 5

Stop the Traffik is a growing global movement, working to prevent people trafficking, by campaigning and raising awareness. The movement is local as well as global because people are trafficked from a community into a community and there are people on all our doorsteps who are enslaved in this way. Our speaker comes from the Liverpool branch and will help us to understand the problem on our doorstep.

Session 4 (15.20 – 16.20) Loretta Minghella – Theatre

‘In our vulnerability is our power’ 2015 is a mega year for people in poverty – or it could be. New Sustainable Development Goals will be agreed at the United Nations in September and we must all hope and pray that a fair, ambitious international deal will be agreed on climate change in Paris in December. Any agreements this year will need steadfast implementation in the years to come. Many barriers lie in the way, so what can we do to help? Loretta Minghella shares her view that purposeful vulnerability and risk-taking must lie at the heart of our Christian response.

The Big Quiz – Floral Hall

Paul Hazelby – our colourful magician – is also a professional quizmaster and runs the regular pub quiz at the Governors’ in Cheadle Hulme. Bring a team from your church, or come on your own – this will be a BIG fun pubstyle quiz – pit your wits against Paul and the other teams…how’s your general knowledge?… Your music knowledge (all eras and genres)?…Your Bible knowledge?…eeek!!…There’s something for everyone when Paul is quizmaster.

Steve Chalke – Theatre See session 3.

Lawrence Moore – Waterfront 2

See session 2.

Interfaith – Waterfront 3

See session 1.

Messy Church – Waterfront 4

This is a time for discussion. We will look at how to set up your own Messy Church, think about where to find volunteers, how to share the workload, and we will think about what’s actually happening in our own communities – take time to think…is Messy Church right for your church?

Fresh Expressions – Waterfront 5

This session will be a discussion about – and a taster of – café worship. There are many variations of this form of worship, and again you might pick up some hints, tips and ideas for your own church!

Closing Worship 16.30 – 17.30 Theatre

Blackburn People’s Choir See session 1

Other things to see and do:

Magician Catch Paul Hazelby, our very own, flamboyantly dressed street magician. He will be wandering around the market area and the lunchtime zone, playing his tricks and generally making us laugh…hang onto your watches and your money – you never know quite what will happen when Paul is around.

Market Stalls and Displays This will include Christian Aid, The Windermere Centre, Fair Trade, Trade Craft, Commitment for Life, St Denys Book Stall, Learning and Ministries, Pilots, Girls Brigade, Food Bank, Silence and Retreats, Credit Unions, Street Pastors, as well as other exhibitors. The market stalls and displays will provide you with a lot of interesting things to explore and find out about and perhaps enable you to follow up on in some way later when back at your own church.

Colouring in! Mary Fleeson has become very well known for her Celtic Christian designs . Make sure you colour in your part on the giant design at the Big Day Out!

Things to note: Parking: There is a park and ride from the Eco Centre, Esplanade (PR8 2BZ) which costs £1.50 per day and passes the Convention Centre. Buses run every 10 minutes.

Food is not permitted in the theatre or waterfront venues. If you are planning to attend a lunch time event, please eat before going to the venue. Food purchased in the centre can be eaten on the premises but of course you may wish to bring your own food and eat it outside overlooking the boating lake or on the pier. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby.

NB All under 18s remain the responsibility of their parent/carer. If an under 18 is attending and not being accompanied by a parent/legal carer, the local church should ensure they have a completed consent form. Official photographers will be around taking photos/videos of the event. If you are concerned about this please make it known to the photographer.


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